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Having an open channel where the community can contribute the analysis of concerning behaviors or potential threats is an invaluable asset to ensuring safety at school. The focus would be towards early intervention and prevention through awareness and communication. With Kidio Tip Line, you can solve a problem before it becomes one.

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A safe school with the teachers and parents keeping an eye out
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One Step Further

Kidio Tip Line extends the features of the safety platform schools know and love. If repeated incidents or threats of dangerous activity are happening off campus, or on social media, they may be caught off guard when it escalates to school grounds. Our platform brings this to the attention of schools who, working in close coordination with law enforcement agencies, can resolve the situation.

Bullying, harassment, fights, drug use, shootings and other behavior that threatens or harms students do not just manifest overnight. The first to hear about these things are usually not the administration, it’s the students. So it’s imperative that we have an open forum to collect warnings posted online, or alarming behavior noted by parents, neighbors or the students themselves.

Anonymity of Reporting

Imagine that a student at your school has been the target of a bully — it’s an unpleasant situation to think about, but probably a more difficult situation to be in. An involved student or bystander may not know who to trust or how to stand up to the bully. By giving users the option to remain anonymous, our Tip Line is essential to those who might otherwise be afraid to come forward.

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We Can’t Create Safety Alone

A feeling of safety isn’t something that just happens. It has to be built, thoughtfully, by people who are invested in the wellbeing of our kids and their educational spaces. In collaboration with students, parents, school and safety officials, we can work together to create a safe environment surrounding our schools.

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