Student Safety

Student safety is the number one priority for school faculty and district administration. Parents have busy days at work and don’t need the added stress of wondering and worrying if their children are doing well during the day. Students need an environment that is safe and encourages active learning and development. Kidio saw a struggling area in today’s culture and decided to do something about it. By offering a suite of four application-based solutions, Kidio has revolutionized the way schools think about and handle student safety.

From the time a student is dropped off to the time they are picked up or get on the bus, there are a lot of variables that each school day offers. Bullying has been covered heavily in the news lately and Kidio has created a solution, called  Tip Line, to help combat it and other threats. Anyone within the school’s community can access Tip Line and send instant updates to school personnel regarding suspicious or threatening actions.

With Panic Button, school users can trigger a silent alarm that alerts the appropriate parties of an emergency. Panic Button can be installed on any smart device and helps school faculty navigate through their current situation. While authorities are responding, Panic Button outlines a step-by-step protocol for the given incident to ensure safety is kept.

Having an easy way for schools to communicate with parents hasn’t always been so easy. Parent Messenger allows for instant communication, individual or mass messaging. No more flyers to lose or field trip forms to misplace – but more importantly, updates to parents in case of emergency situations on campus. With Parent Messenger, parents can rest assured they are kept in the loop and have all pertinent information, especially if there is a situation at school.

Dismissal has always been one of the most chaotic time of day at school. Not only are children headed in every direction and off to various dismissal destinations, strong organization and heavy manpower has been needed to ensure that students end up in the right spot and not in the wrong hands. PikMyKid is an application that automates the dismissal process, allows parents to check in while waiting in car line and ensures that nobody misses their bus. In addition to boosting safety, PikMyKid streamlines the dismissal process and frees up now unneeded staff to be productive elsewhere.

Kidio knows that during the school day there is nothing more important that student safety. We have created a platform that allows parents and school administration to work side-by-side and provide students with a safe environment to better their educations and become tomorrow’s leaders. If you would like to find out more about incorporating a Kidio solution into your school, contact us today and request a free demo.

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