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Simplifying School Safety With Software

Living in a busy society, parents don’t have the time to spend worrying about their children’s safety during school hours. But they often do. From the time a student arrives at school until the dismissal bell rings, parents leave the safety of their children in the hands of school personnel and district policies.

To help ease the minds of parents, teachers and administration, Kidio created a proprietary platform to not only offer peace of mind but also streamline what school safety should look like.

PikMyKid is the School Safety Solution

PikMyKid is an easy to use application that is a first of its kind. At its core, it allows parents and teachers to know the location of all students at any given time. On top of that, it also streamlines some of school’s most clunky processes: Dismissal, Car Lines, Carpool, and Health Check-Ins.

Dismissal is one of the most hectic times of day on a school campus it involves:

  • Managing the car rider line.
  • Knowing who is picking up which students and that they’re on the approved list of caregivers.
  • Handling the logistics of which student is to go where after school.
  • And more.

Teachers and Administration have many variables that have traditionally been sorted out using paper. PikMyKid not only streamlines the dismissal process but also helps to remove the element of human error. Kidio has created an automated process that allows parents and teachers to work in tandem to ensure the safety of students and the after school system.

Keep Kids Safe and Automate Dismissal

With PikMyKid, parents have access to their child’s safety at the click of a button. The application is phone and tablet based and integrates school portals and district dashboards to ensure after school safety.

Guardians that have traditionally used a number system for dismissal into a car rider line can now check in from the line to help speed up the process. This system also helps automate the school’s portal to regulate safety and know who they are sending students home with. Schools and districts who have incorporated the Kidio solution into their everyday routines have reported a saving in time and an improved safety in student release.

Kidio created PikMyKid to improve safety at schools

Peace of mind is two fold – parents feel comfortable and confident that their children are safe and healthy while at school and schools have the assistance of a reliable partner, using industry-leading technology to help automate and manage their processes.

School safety no longer has to be a daunting task

PikMyKid is here to help you rest assured and keep your day going. Whether you are a parent, teacher or are part of the school district administration, PikMyKid will help your day run more smoothly. To request a demo of how this application works and to set up an in depth discussion of the benefits in partnering with Kidio, contact us today.

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