School Alarm For Emergency Response

SAFER (School Alarm For Emergency Response)


Gone are the days of a single purpose physical panic button under the desk or key fobs around the neck. Kidio's Digital Panic Button is thoughtfully designed and available to every school staff member to help them react when seconds matter

Silent Alarm

With the click of a button.

Location Tracking

For use by first responders.

Completely Customized

Contacts and messages.

Emergency Resources

Digital protocols & checklists.

Instant Communication

Text and voice syndication.

End to End Customization

The Kidio Panic Button comes preloaded with emergency messages that are customizable to suit your school’s needs. Haven’t seen a blizzard warning since the mid 20th century? You might not need that one in your arsenal. Does your school have a frequent bear problem? We have an alert for that. 


Resources and Emergency Checklists

When your school is on the Kidio platform, we also include emergency literature and checklists to make sure your faculty knows what to do in an emergency situation. You can instantly send checklists with each emergency message so that your staff will know exactly how to respond in a state of panic. Kidio also partners with industry leaders to provide material directly in our dashboard to educate staff members even before an emergency arises. 


Our most powerful emergency tool, customizable communication, and training resources backed by the experts. So we just went ahead and put them all in one convenient place, sound good?   

powerful emergency tools 


What Our Client Says

My experience has been good overall.

The Pikmykid software is relatively easy to use for everyone. The login process is very easy for users.

Brian E.

Works Great!

The software does exactly what it says it will. I can use this software with confidence that everything will just work. Notifications are huge for us! Parents are now consistently kept in the loop.

Aaron W.

We really like PikMyKid

The easy use of the app, the parents understand how to use the app, our teachers understand how to use the app, its very user friendly

Latrice C.

Capterra User reviews


We've been using Kidio's SAFER for two years now and we are better prepared than before.

Karla P. 


Kidio has gotten much better and easier to use over time.

Chelsea M.


Kidio has really helped improve our emergency preparedness plans.

Brooke S. 


Very helpful and useful program that is easy to use and understand.

Michelle C. 

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Call Now: 813-649-8028 


Call Now:  813-649-8028


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Funding Options

Federal or State School safety Grants

School District’s Transportation budget

Local County or City Department of Transportation

School Insurance Company’s safety Grant

PTA/PTO fundraisers

Title I Funding (PikMyKid is aligned with Title I funding requirements)

Principal’s discretionary budget

If your school/district is considering purchasing Kidio, here are some of your funding options:

Awards & Partnerships

Silent Alarm

Alert first responders even if the situation restricts verbal communication. Our Panic Button is 100% digital, which means you’re in control of which devices and contacts receive alerts, minus the loud alarms and dangerous panic. 

Multichannel Communication

Know your urgent messages are being received by sending them through multiple channels. When an emergency is reported, contacts will automatically receive text messages and phone calls.

Location Services

Identify the source of an incident in mere seconds with the press of a button. With location services, schools and responders can instantly know exactly where assistance is needed. 

Upgrading your School Safety

Creating an open line of communication between your staff and first responders is an important first step to fostering a safe learning environment

Emergency preparedness

The secret to safety is in the preparation. Kidio Panic Button gives you the resources to educate your staff before and during emergency situations. 

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Message to educators 

Handle School Emergencies like a Pro using a Virtual Panic Button 

Silent alarm and Step-by-step instructions sent directly to staff 

Pre-configured call group instantly notified 

Continuous silent internal communication with Geo-location

Emergency protocols for that incident instantly displayed

Fully customizable to suit your school or district