Manage everything COVID and Safety Related with our New COVID Health Check-In Tracking with PikMyKid

The SAFER Emergency Alert System helps schools respond to various situations that require an immediate response.  Not all tragedies need the school to go into a Lockdown Status.  And not all tragedies are best addressed with a centralized Panic Button to activate the system. That is why SAFER was built; to address every serious accident or tragedy that a school might face. Customize each incident, the immediate response with the needed action, the appropriate designated team, and the desired procedures to address each tragedy. Be Prepared for EVERY incident, typical and tragic, with the SAFER Emergency Alert System. 

Tip Line

Tip Line by provides schools and the surrounding community with an ideal solution for becoming proactive in minimizing many issues facing our education communities. All schools must be prepared with an immediate response plan. But, with a focus on prevention, many potential issues can be avoided altogether. Tip Line is an easy to use application allowing students, staff, and even individuals in the community to anonymously report unusual situations as they are spotted. Whether it be to report a weapon, a discussion about drugs, or even random comments about suicide, Tip Line can help. With its unique ability to attach a video, picture, or even a voice recording, the school can receive a “Heads Up” on the potential danger. And with the new Title IX guidelines for addressing sexual harassment, Tip Line must help all schools stay in compliance with these requirements. Change your focus to PREVENTION with Tip Line.


PikMyKid is the leader throughout the world when it comes to a safe and efficient Dismissal Process for a school. It is the only product available that allows parents to quickly make changes to their child’s dismissal arrangements. It deals with car lines, buses, walkers, parents who park and pick up their children, after school programs (both on-site and off-site), and any other dismissal method that a school might use.  This year, a Health Check-In feature was added to help schools address the many new issues dealing with them as coronavirus has developed in this country and the world. PikMyKid makes dismissal easier, faster, and safer for every child in school.

Parent Messenger

With the Parent Messenger System, School Leaders get the best way to instantly communicate dismissal updates, homework and assignments, upcoming events, school news, and more. Parents get consolidated notifications, so they can stay up-to-date on what’s relevant to their child. No more lost fliers at the bottom of a backpack, about oh yeah– that PTA meeting last month.

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