Manage everything COVID and Safety Related with our New COVID Health Check-In Tracking with PikMyKid

PikMyKid for Teachers

Daily Dismissal Plans

PikMyKid provides teachers with dynamic daily dismissal plans by just one click. Our program helps to manage Car Lines, Car Pools, Walkers, Bus Riders, After School Programs and more. Using PikMyKid research indicates every teacher saves an average of 7 minutes per day. PikMykid Teachers love the convenience!

Dismissal Dashboard

PikMyKid for teachers allows them to see the dismissal activity for the day: pickup mode changes, delegations, absent students, etc. so teachers know where and how to dismiss students. They may also refer back by running reports that show at what time, from where and by whom a student was dismissed. What a great tool for accountability!

Parent Messaging

With the PMK Messenger (included in your school dashboard) you can send out notifications and messages to all parents. Teachers and administrators can customize these groups by individual Student Name, Grade, Bus Route, Pickup Mode, After-School Program and Classroom. These are real-time push notifications with no additional cost!

Student Calendars

 PikMyKid for Teachers can open up each of their students’ calendars and see past, present and future pickup mode changes. They also have the ability to approve or deny these changes or allow the system to automatically approve them. They may also make changes on the calendars, if necessary.

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PikMyKid gives you the tools to ensure your kids are safe and your parents are happy. Let us show you how we can make your school more safe and efficient.

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