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PikMyKid for Parents

Pick-Up Delegations

 The PikMyKid parent smartphone app on IOS or Android allows guardians to easily assign other people pick up permissions for certain days, time periods, and pick up modes. You can quickly set this schedule up to repeat throughout the year, or rearrange it if necessary. This is much safer than the usual list of allowed guardians sent in at the start of the school year– on days you don’t designate they won’t have access!

After School Options

Most schools offer after school care, tutoring, sports, or clubs. In the PikMyKid app parents can easily assign their child(ren) to one of these options same day or on a specific schedule for the school year. This allows teachers to view a report and send students to the correct areas when the bell rings– taking weekly emails or notes out of the equation.

Absentee Management

There’s no need to call the front office or send an email because you can manage absentees in a safe and easy way using the app. Parents have the ability to mark their children absent on the children’s calendars directly from their phones.

School Notifications

 With the PikMyKid system, parents are able to receive real-time, no cost notifications from the schools. Parents will receive messages from teachers who want to announce something pertaining to their classes or from administrators and other staff members informing about school closure, early dismissal, etc.

Carpool Matching & Predictive Traffic Mitigation

Working with the Department of Transportation, PikMyKid uses advanced algorithms and Machine learning to suggest carpooling options along with the best route and time for your school pick up routines.

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