Manage everything COVID and Safety Related with our New COVID Health Check-In Tracking with PikMyKid

For Districts

District Dashboard

 The PikMyKid district dashboard will provide you with a live tool where you can view your school’s safety efficiency. It will also provide you with updated setup information that will make onboarding a breeze.

School Insights

 Having a birds-eye view into your school’s safety is a top priority. With PikMyKid in your District, your schools will have complete transparency into how efficiently they are using their safety network. This will empower you to follow up with the schools that could be putting students at risk.

Updated Contact Info

 When the parents are engaged, so is their contact info. The way the PikMyKid system integrates with the parents requires them to stay involved, so their information is as accurate as can be.

District Wide Analytics

 With PikMyKid for your District, you will have up-to-date insights into aggregated and specific information about each of your schools. You can quickly pull reports about your student count, get detailed information about the parental participation, and even gaze into the dismissal breakdown.

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PikMyKid gives you the tools to ensure your kids are safe and your parents are happy. Let us show you how we can make your school more safe and efficient.

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