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Parent Messenger

With the Parent Messenger System, School Leaders get the best way to instantly communicate dismissal updates, homework and assignments, upcoming events, school news, and more. Parents get consolidated notifications, so they can stay up-to-date on what’s relevant to their child. No more lost fliers at the bottom of a backpack, about oh yeah– that PTA meeting last month.

School Communications. Made Smarter.

Live Updates

Want to message just the parents of the rock metal appreciation club? One-click in the parent messenger system, and you’ve let them know their meetings have moved to the other side of campus. Bus running late? Select route 19 and inform parents of the delay. The best part is, it seamlessly integrates into the platform schools know and love.

Ease of Use

No more chasing down every last outdated parent email or sifting through files for a phone number. keeps your contacts organized, centralized, and up-to-date. Have more time for what you do best; you know, that sort of important thing where you empower youth to become tomorrow’s leaders!

It starts with a conversation

Want safe students?

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