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Investing in a Safe Learning Environment for Your Students

Asafe learning environment enables students to thrive in school. If a student feels uncomfortable, for any reason, it can negatively impact the learning process and impede their entire future.

There are many variables that can go into making a child feel unsafe at school, from bullying to threats of violent activity to not feeling heard. Students also don’t always feel comfortable expressing their feelings about an unsafe environment.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment for All Students

That’s why Kidio created a platform that takes the guesswork and fears out of doing the right thing and reporting anything that can take away from a safe learning environment at school.

Tip Line is an application-based piece of software, that allows users to report threatening or suspicious activity.

It xworks just like it sounds. With the click of a button, users – anyone in the school community – can notify the proper channels of the authority of anything that can be deemed threatening to the school or to an individual. The app enables instant communication and immediate action can be taken. Those who were once afraid to come forward and report something can now do so, behind the security of an application.

Decrease Bullying and Increase Your Safe Learning Environments

Schools that have been using Tip Line have reported a decrease in bullying on campuses. Bullying is widespread and we’re working to remove it from school altogether. In recent studies, students who feel safe and well treated at school score better on tests and have higher GPA’s. It also encourages them to take part in extracurricular activities and thrive in other areas of the school in addition to academics.

Kidio Takes Safety One Step Further

Giving kids a safe learning environment spans further than just the school’s four walls and needs to be checked before things get out of hand. If there are issues outside of school – at an after school program site or on social media, for example – schools can be privy to the information and work with local law enforcement agencies to remedy negative situations before they reach school campuses.

Not only does this include bullying or threats of bodily harm, but Tip Line also helps combat drug use and other behaviors that can spiral out of control. Bullying, fights, school shootings do not manifest overnight, negative behavior and warning signs must be targeted at their inception. Emergencies can be proactively addressed and mitigated before an incident occurs. Tip Line is the platform that allows this to happen.

In Conclusion

If you have further questions or would like information about how Tip Line can better your school campus, contact Kidio today for a free demo. It’s time to bring safety back to school.

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