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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the SAFER Emergency Alert System is for school personnel and First Responders only. Including, Administrators, Teachers, School Staff, District Staff, and First Responders as appropriate.  Data has shown that having parents rush the campus during an emergency can result in dire consequences.  Parents should NOT be included until the emergency is under control. At that time, parents can be updated with necessary information through the PikMyKid Dismissal Application., the parent company for PikMyKid, has designed SAFER to be immediately responsive to all tragedies or emergencies a school might encounter. This includes a typical event or tragedy such as a child injury and the most tragic event that can be imagined, such as an active shooter. The application allows the user to select the appropriate incident and respond to the issue immediately. On a digital device, this announcement can occur with just three touches on the device. Once selected, the information is delivered to every member of the specific group included in that tragedy. Once the warning has been given, the procedures developed for individuals to follow in response to the tragedy are returned to every individual within the receiving group.

SAFER is more advanced than a panic button. A panic button is like a fire alarm but typically delivers no additional information. And you would not want to activate a fire alarm, just as you do not wish to activate a panic button for something as typical as an injured child. But an injured child does require immediate response and must be handled quickly and correctly. A panic button does not afford a school this luxury, whereas SAFER treats every incident differently and as prescribed in the school or district’s developed protocols. & PikMyKid work with every school on an individual basis to develop the alerts specific to a school or district’s needs. Incidents or emergencies are defined for each school and district we support.  Various groups are created who are best suited to respond to a specific crisis or incident. The system is completely configured to address these needs. Also included with the system is an Emergency Resource Repository. Important information such as school layout, emergency exits, emergency contacts, emergency medical procedures, and more are stored in this data location for instant access by those who are responding.

SAFER typically acts independently without sounding audible alarms or visible lights. Studies have shown that silent alarms with immediate warnings delivered to those involved are the most effective in minimizing a tragedy’s result. However, if schools or districts choose to add an audible or visible alarm with a LAN connection, SAFER can activate those alarms. only charges a licensing fee for SAFER, and all services are bundled into it. Once our School Safety Consultant understands your school’s emergency challenges and suggests the best solution, we will provide you a cost estimate. SAFER has been proven to be the most cost-effective solution available for the education community.

SAFER is one of the easiest emergency alert systems to get set up and running, partly because there is no expensive hardware to purchase or install. If a school already has prepared a few of the emergency resources we encourage, that school can be up and running in less than 48 hours.

SAFER is one of the few systems that allow continuous communication between the individuals involved. It has been proven that accurate and consistent information is critical to minimize a tragedy’s effects. SAFER opens an active communication channel between all of the recipients of the tragedy or incident. This channel allows authorities to deliver critical information to all parties, such as “Stay in Your Rooms. We are still in a lockdown status!” “The fire alarm is a false alarm. Stay in your Rooms.” This immediate delivery of information can be a lifesaving feature, and it ensures accurate information is continuously being delivered to those involved.

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