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Our History

Kidio and PikMyKid all began from a concerned parent who was worried about his child’s safety in school. As an ex-Navy pilot, he was concerned about the school’s direction regarding safety and the final straw hit home when the wrong child was placed in his vehicle during the car line dismissal process. Looking for a safer and more efficient approach to dismissal left him knowing that there was a void in school safety and there was no comprehensive platform available to address all of a school’s potential risk possibilities.  Realizing this gap existed, he founded and PikMyKid to develop a complete and affordable safety platform for every school. 


The first three years concentrated on dismissal, often identified as the ‘most dangerous time of day for a school.’ With a great reputation as the leader in dismissal and over 1400 schools using the PikMyKid System worldwide, the next two pieces of the platform were ready to deliver. The Kidio team focused on a complete solution and introduced both SAFER Emergency Alerts and TipLine in 2016. Kidio is as focused on Prevention as we are on the response, knowing that a tragedy prevented with proactive communication and community involvement is always the best solution.’s SAFER Emergency Alerts is a powerful, easy to use system designed to help schools address tragedies of all sorts with an immediate and directed response. The system allows teachers and staff to announce disasters or incidents instantly and then immediately receive the critical instructions to deal with that specific incident. Whether the situation requires immediate action from the police and first responders or if it is an injured child on the playground needing speedy assistance from the school nurse, Kidio is there with both the notification and the appropriate response with protocols. And, communication is continuous with the internal link that is automatically generated when an incident is announced because knowing how to respond quickly and effectively in a critical situation can save lives.

pexels-caleb-oquendo-3877563 and PikMyKid continue to be leaders for school safety products with innovative features and capabilities incorporated into the systems. With a total focus in the education arena, has become familiar with the needs, limitations, and challenges facing every school in the U.S. Combining a thorough knowledge of global safety requirements, the ability to utilize advanced technologies, and intense immersion into the education arena, has created a unique and comprehensive safety platform for schools and districts that is both powerful and affordable. and PikMyKid are solely here to help schools become safer and more efficient, and we are doing that more than 1,000,000 times per day.

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