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Top 12 Part-Time Business Ideas for Teachers

Read on to discover the top 12 part-time business ideas for teachers in 2020. Teaching is a fulfilling but challenging job that takes up a lot of your time. From grading papers to preparing exams and pop quizzes, a teacher’s workday rarely stops once their students go home.But during summer, when school is out, teachers… Continue reading Top 12 Part-Time Business Ideas for Teachers

Cyberbullying in Public Schools

Cyberbullying in Public Schools is no longer a new issue. It has been going on for decades. Yet the Cyberbullying Research Center reports that cyberbullying is at an all-time high. In recent years, approximately 1 in 3 students have been victims of cyberbullying. So what exactly is Cyberbullying? What can we do about it? What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying… Continue reading Cyberbullying in Public Schools

Emergency Preparedness Tips For Schools

Emergency Preparedness for Schools Matter Administrators have both a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that their schools have emergency protocols in place. All personnel should be trained and familiar with these strategies in the case of a natural disaster or security threat. In the case of an emergency, every second matters; a prepared team…… Continue reading Emergency Preparedness Tips For Schools

4 Ways New Technology Skills Are Transforming the Classroom

Education is rapidly changing and transforming in front of us. New Technology Skills are being learned and taught younger in our schools. You’d be hard-pressed to find an elementary student in the US school system who didn’t know how to work a technologically advanced device. 1) Technology skills mobilize education With devices like iPads and… Continue reading 4 Ways New Technology Skills Are Transforming the Classroom

10 Virtual Field Trip Ideas for Students of all Ages

Virtual field trips allow students to experience new and exciting learning opportunities that they would not be able to otherwise. These interesting field trip ideas will be sure to keep your kids engaged. Go on a Virtual Field Trip to The White House What better way to introduce your students to US History, Politics, or… Continue reading 10 Virtual Field Trip Ideas for Students of all Ages

Early Education Enrollment Rising, Still Not Good Enough

Early education enrollment has been increasing consistently over the last two decades. Researchers are emphasizing the importance of early learning as we learn more about human development. The human brain grows most during the first five years of life. A child experiences rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and motor development during these years. These years are a… Continue reading Early Education Enrollment Rising, Still Not Good Enough

The Flipped Classroom Model Praise & Criticism

With technology and educational ideologies advancing at an unprecedented pace, many new theories and methodologies are being implemented worldwide. The flipped classroom is one of the hottest topics in education these days. This instructional strategy has received both praise and criticism. Will we see this methodology make its way into our students’ curriculum? Or is… Continue reading The Flipped Classroom Model Praise & Criticism

Traditional Grading Scale: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

The traditional grading scale (whether letters, numbers, or percentages) has been around for so long; it’s hard to imagine an education system without it. Here is an example of a typical grading scale in American schools: A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% F = 0-59% I = Incomplete U… Continue reading Traditional Grading Scale: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

Maker Education Basic Info

Maker education is a modern approach to problem-based and project-based learning. It relies heavily on collaborative, hands-on learning experiences to solve authentic problems. This type of education can take place outside of the classroom in “makerspaces” or schools. Maker education emphasizes learner-driven experience, interdisciplinary learning, p2p teaching, and mistake-based learning. Maker culture Maker culture is a contemporary, technology-based… Continue reading Maker Education Basic Info

The Rise of Micro-Credentials

What are micro-credentials? Micro-credentials are certifications that prove your mastery of a specific topic. They’re often referred to as micro-certifications, digital badges, nano-degrees, web badges, or mini degrees. You can typically obtain them by completing a course that resembles a college class. Some are available exclusively online, others in the classroom, and some can be obtained… Continue reading The Rise of Micro-Credentials

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