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Case Studies

DELL Technologies Partnership

In this School Dismissal Case Study, Ford and Dell Technologies teamed up to issue challenges around mobility issues in three U.S. cities and invited submissions for tech-driven solutions to move these cities into a connected future. PikMyKid is a smart mobility solution to mitigate school traffic and safety issues for Cities of tomorrow.

Swift School

Paul Foltz, the business manager at Swift School provided us with a video ‘School Dismissal Case Study’ reflecting on how PikMyKid has enhanced his campus for the better.

Carnegie Melon

Carnegie Mellon and a team of graduate students examined current practices of a select group of education technology startups in the K-12 space around student data privacy issues in this School Dismissal Case Study. Through a series of semi-structured interviews, the team explored how each company develops public-facing communications regarding data use, privacy, and security policies.

Sykes College of Business

University of Tampa conducted a ‘School Dismissal Case Study’ to see how PikMyKid has positively impacted the lives of the current users on the PikMyKid application.

University of South Florida

University of South Florida created a Business IT proposal for the PikMyKid System. The project concluded that Tampa Bay schools would incur savings of around $40,000 in teacher time and resources.

University of Tampa

A team of students audited the PikMyKid application and it’s impact on a 700-student elementary school in suburban Florida to see how it could remedy a client’s inefficient dismissal process through this School Dismissal Case Study.


PikMyKid was put under the scanner in EdSurge’s Edtech Product Review Summit in 2016. The summit bought together a focus group consisting of 16 school leaders who reviewed EdTech products being introduced into schools nationwide and provided their unbiased feedback on the usefulness and simplicity of PikMyKid. Over 75% of the reviewers were a raving advocate!


Capterra allows schools to leave comments and ratings based on their user experience. This is an invaluable resource that allows us to gauge what’s working and what needs some work! One school writes about how PikMyKid “has added safety and efficiency along with a level of accountability to their dismissal process.” We’re thrilled that overall schools gave PikMyKid’s dismissal program 4.5/5 stars!

Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School

From an exhaustive review of one school’s dismissal process, this School Dismissal Case Study’s author uncovered that PikMyKid is not only the best solution from a safety and efficiency perspective, but from a sustainability one as well. By implementing our program, schools can expect to reduce vehicle emissions by 300-500 pounds of CO2 per week! That’s 20,800 pounds a year off your school’s carbon footprint!

Teachers' Choice Awards

The Teachers’ Choice Awards honor products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home! Their panel of teacher evaluators used our product in their classrooms and homes to find the best products for teachers and parents. Check out what they had to say after seeing and using our program!

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