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Cyberbullying in Public Schools

Cyberbullying in Public Schools is no longer a new issue. It has been going on for decades. Yet the Cyberbullying Research Center reports that cyberbullying is at an all-time high. In recent years, approximately 1 in 3 students have been victims of cyberbullying. So what exactly is Cyberbullying? What can we do about it? What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying… Continue reading Cyberbullying in Public Schools

Emergency Preparedness Tips For Schools

Emergency Preparedness for Schools Matter Administrators have both a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that their schools have emergency protocols in place. All personnel should be trained and familiar with these strategies in the case of a natural disaster or security threat. In the case of an emergency, every second matters; a prepared team…… Continue reading Emergency Preparedness Tips For Schools

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