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10 Virtual Field Trip Ideas for Students of all Ages

Virtual field trips allow students to experience new and exciting learning opportunities that they would not be able to otherwise. These interesting field trip ideas will be sure to keep your kids engaged.

Go on a Virtual Field Trip to The White House

What better way to introduce your students to US History, Politics, or Government, than taking them on a virtual field trip to the official workplace of the President of the United States? Google and the White House have partnered to give you some really cool White House virtual tour options.

The Pyramids

The Pyramids are one of the world’s most magical and mysterious wonders. Built over 4,000 years ago, these ancient monuments are a perfect destination for any history buff. You can take your students on a virtual field trip through the halls of the Great Pyramid with PBS.

Empire State Building

Take your lesson planning to new heights with an exciting trip to the top of one of the tallest buildings in America. This virtual tour will take you right to the 102nd story and give you a breathtaking view of New York City.

The Louvre

Why not take a trip to Paris? Art, French, and History teachers (and anyone else who appreciates the arts) will absolutely LOVE the Louvre’s website. It’s packed with online tours and room descriptions that immerse you in the history and culture of the world’s largest art museum.

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San Diego Zoo

If you’re looking for a scientific trip, the San Diego Zoo’s website is packed with interesting facts, videos, and live cams of animals that your kids will love. There are plenty of activities and games and great tips for everyday deeds that can help protect wildlife.

Go on a Virtual Field Trip to The Great Wall of China

You can’t teach a lesson about China without mentioning the Great Wall. The 13,000+ mile long feat is one of humanity’s greatest architectural achievements. Since it took millennia to build, it’s a great opportunity to take kids on a journey through time.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of Nature’s most breathtaking sights to behold. The National Park Service works tirelessly to maintain one of the most popular destinations in America. Their website provides a number of virtual field trip experiences. Take a hike, watch archaeologists at work, or learn about the rich history of the Native American people.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Looking for something a little different? Dive into the Great Barrier Reef! Explore the rich biodiversity and learn about underwater species, environmental conservation, and geography!

Did you Know You Can Go on a Virtual Field Trip to Mars?

What could be cooler than holding class in outer space?! There are several different places on Mars; you can take your students.

Where else can you take your students? The possibilities are endless! If you’d like to hear how Kidio’s Parent Messenger app can make organizing field trips a breeze, schedule a demo today!

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