Tools for Education

Keeping your kids safe, and your parents happy is a fairly daunting task. The Kidio School Safety Platform is here to equip you with the tools to do both.

Emergency Alert System EAS is a purpose-designed Emergency Alert System available to every member of the school staff to help them react appropriately when seconds matter in an emergency. Working closely with top security experts in the country, Kidio is mission-driven to keep every school safe.

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Parent Messenger

With the school Safety Platform, we believe that there are better ways to engage parents than via emails and fliers. At Kidio, we communicate in real-time through push notifications directly to your parent’s device. Do you still want to send emails? You can do both! Our messages are syndicated through an easy to use interface with full accountability.

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Tip Line

We understand the importance of leveraging technology to empower students and community members to play a part in their own school’s safety. Emergencies can be mitigated proactively if school staff has access to appropriate information to prepare and improve safety.

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PikMyKid, part of the School Safety Platform, is the first and only smart dismissal solution for school districts, charter / private schools, after-school programs, YMCA’s, carpools, and daycare facilities. It connects schoolsteachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and more efficient.

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All of Your Tools Under One Roof

The Kidio school safety platform is nested behind an immersive platform bringing all of your favorite tools together. Already have a parent messenger? No worries! Only want an emergency system? Totally possible. Kidio is also integrated with Clever technology to merge data with existing software your school may already be using.

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